Welcome to Bravo Systems, a leader in innovative solutions for secondary containment for more than 33 years. Our firm was founded on the premise of protecting the environment first and we continue that proud tradition today. Bravo has the most complete line of UL2447 approved fiberglass manufactured products in the petroleum industry.


Our national team that is comprised of the most qualified and knowledgeable talent and our people are consistently sought after to provide solutions for complex issues that take place in the field every day. As an industry leader since our inception, we take seriously our responsibility to help educate, coach and share our experience including hosting trainings throughout the year in the field, in rep and distributor locations, and in both of our facilities.

Bravo has two fully functioning manufacturing facilities located on the West Coast in Commerce CA and on the East Coast in Lexington TN. Our staff is active in serving the community and also serve on committees and boards in major industry organizations.

One of our hallmarks is to provide the best possible products for our loyal customers and superior customer service. Thank you for being a loyal customer and trusting us with your business. We look forward to many years of service together.

Bravo’s mission is to be the preferred provider of the highest quality secondary containment products that protect our environment and sustain the earth’s natural resources for generations to come. We do this by attracting and retaining the best people on our team from our employees to our loyal customers to our sales representatives.