About Us

Welcome to Bravo, the first and premier manufacturer of under dispenser containment products originally designed to protect the environment.

Founded more than 33 years ago by Chilean immigrant Sergio Bravo, our founder arrived in the United States in 1960 to pursue and fulfill the American dream. Inventions have always been in Sergio’s DNA and when he became passionate about protecting the environment, he invented the Bravo Box, the first underground secondary containment that sparked what has become a multi-billion dollar industry today.

We produce the only complete line of secondary containment fiberglass products that has the distinguished UL2447 Listed rating. Today Bravo has two manufacturing facilities, one in California and another in Tennessee and more than 150 employees.

One of the true hallmarks of our company is our reputation for the constant innovation of new and better products. Every year since our inception, we have developed and brought to market improved products that continuously lead our industry.

Serving all 50 states and reaching more than five countries, Bravo was founded on the premise of protecting the environment long before the EPA and other regulatory agencies made compliance mandatory.

Our firm is woman and minority owned, has earned the successive recognition of being ‘One of the Most Influential Family Owned Businesses’ by the Los Angeles Business Journal and recently became one of Inc. 5000’s ‘Fastest Growing Small Companies’ in the US.

To learn more about Bravo and our contributions to both environmental protection efforts and the industry overall, please take a look here to view our Legacy Video.


Paola Bravo

President & CEO

Don Mukai

VP Innovation

Micah Nelson

VP Strategic Growth

Keith Pearson

Operations Executive