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products that are commonly used

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products that are commonly used

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Welcome to the Bravo Videos page. Here you will find videos showcasing select products. Some videos are for installation, while others may only show a technique, or proper use of specialized tools.

HOT TIP: When watching a video, make sure to expand your player to go “full screen” and select one of the High Definition (HD) options such as 720p or 1080p. This will provide the best video quality.

It goes without saying that you must never install a product based solely on the videos you watch here: always follow the written instructions found in our installation manuals before planning or attempting to install.

Want to get Bravo-Certified to install the Retrofit entry fittings? No sweat! Simply visit our Certifications Page, and take the Retrofit test and one of it’s prerequisite tests.

There may be additional videos on our YouTube channel that are not shown here. You can find our official YouTube channel here: Bravo Problem Solved.

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