Doublewall B-1000

B-1000 DoubleWall VPH UDC

The B1000 Series Doublewall VPH is available in models for most modern dispensers. All metal work is galvannealed for corrosion resistance and the splash is FRP for a distinct corrosion advantage over other designs. Electrical offsets on both ends of the UDC provide needed flexibility to accommodate modern station designs.

DoubleWall Fiberglass (Monitored)
Shipped under a continuous vacuum test of 20+ Hg
Interchangeable Dispenser Frame included
Electrical Offset Frame optional
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  • Interstice can be monitored hydrostatically or with vacuum – triennial testing exempt
  • Quality FRP construction
  • Pre-plumb options available
  • 30-year corrosion warranty
  • AB2481 compliant in California
  • UL2447 listed, the benchmark for fuel compatibility


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  • Last updated 02-19-19