Singlewall B-7000

B-7000 Standard Split SingleWall UDC

The B-7000 Standard Split UDC has a single tongue-in-groove channel that provides unrestricted and comfortable access to the interior of the sump during piping installation and allows height adjustment in the field. The channel is sealed via a simple slurry pour. The B-7000 split sump includes our interchangeable dispenser frame, stabilizer brackets, pour-in-place slurry mix and all tools needed to complete installation. Read more

It accommodates a variety of options including our Electrical Offset (EO = Conduitless) system, shear valves, vapor brackets, factory-installed entry fittings and has variants available for Wayne-Vac-equipped dispensers and for secondarily containing buried DEF supply lines. Paired with any of our bonded all-fiberglass entry fittings, you will never have to worry about water intrusion or the risk of contaminating the local environment. The Split B-7000 Standard is also available factory-sealed and tested (Solid). For a lower cost UDC with height cut-down ability from the top of the product, consider the B-1000 series linked below.

SingleWall Fiberglass
Split sump provides clear access to interior
Pour in place channel
Less labor and time
Interchangeable Dispenser Frame included
Electrical Offset Frame optional
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  • Made in the USA (i)
  • FRP Construction / Built like a Tank (i)
  • Red clear walls (i)
  • Large flat-walls to fit more entry fittings
  • Interchangeable Dispenser Frame (i)
  • Electrical Offset (EO) Frame (i)
  • Sized & tailored to any dispenser model (i)
  • Stabilizer brackets included and pre-plumbed (i)
  • Split UDC provides maximum workspace access
  • Easy slurry pour joint at center
  • Height is adjustable in the field
  • Kitted: Includes installation accessories and slurry (i)
  • UL & CUL Listed
  • 30 Year Warranty (i)