B-2000 Shallow [LEGACY]

B-2000 “Bravo Box” Shallow Steel Pan (UDC)

The B-2000 Shallow UDC sump is commonly known as THE “Bravo Box”. It is also referred to as a “shallow pan”. The typical B-2000 includes our standard water splash lip, rigid compression-style product bulkhead fittings (bottom mounted), stabilizer brackets, shear valves and our patented mechanical leak detection/shut-off system, is tailored to your exact dispenser and is ready to install when it arrives. Read more

This sump was/is designed for new construction as well as dispenser pit retrofits. It is now constructed of galvannealed steel and epoxy powder-coated black. It accommodates other features such as rigid conduit and vapor bulkhead entries. All bulkhead entries are factory-installed and tested at the bottom floor of this UDC. This ‘shallow pan’ is still compliant with today’s regulatory standards but because it is steel, and product entries must come up through the floor of the sump, we consider it to be obsolete. Bravo sumps have since evolved into deeper designs made mostly of fuel-rated Fiberglass such as the B-1000, B-7000, B-8000 and B-9000 which all allow piping to enter through the vertical side walls. Since this legacy UDC (over 25 years old) does not feature our Interchangeable Dispenser Frame system (launched at a later time) this product’s inventor, Sergio Bravo saw that his customers would not want to break concrete and buy new sumps and possibly re-pipe just to change a dispenser so the CONV-B2000 Dispenser Conversion Frame was born (in the See Also section below). We can proudly say that there are still thousands of these UDC’s across the Nation in operation today and they are still compliant with the stringent regulations found in the state of California. Bravo continues to support the B-2000 with upgrades and technical support.

SingleWall Steel
Pre-plumbed - Entry fittings, brackets and shear valves are aligned to inlet positions
Retrofit sump
Factory "Lake" Tested
FireWall - Protects internal components from any external fires
Patented mechanical leak detection and shut-off
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  • Made in the USA  (i)
  • First UDC invented – Still in operation and still supported by Bravo
  • Galvannealed steel construction for corrosion protection
  • Structural frame and pan doubles as Firewall (i)
  • Factory-tested (i)
  • Integrated water-splash lip
  • Patented mechanical float-trip monitoring system (i)
  • Sized & tailored to any dispenser model (i)
  • Stabilizer brackets included and pre-plumbed (i)
  • Factory-installed product and conduit entry fittings (i)
  • UL Listed
  • NWGLDE  & LG-113 Listed (i)
  • FDEP Approved: EQ# 045
  • Third Party Approved