Singlewall B-1000

B-1000 SingleWall UDC

The B-1000 UDC is a one-piece tank-spec all-fiberglass sump built for the Ovation, Encore, Helix, Reliance/Select, HS4, Atlas and Advantage/Helix Narrow dispensers. It allows height adjustment in the field by cutting down the top, similar to many polyethylene UDC’s. It includes our Electrical Offset system on both sides and is designed to accommodate the Wayne-Vac unit whether you use 3/4″ or 1″ conduit. Read more

This line is our lowest cost sump yet but we didn’t cut any of the features or quality you expect from Bravo. The top of the neck acts as our water splash lip and the concrete anchoring frame “hangs” about 1″ down from that same edge. So when you need to adjust its height the frame follows its elevation. The standard model is red which is made from our Tank-Spec resin and qualifies for our 30 year warranty which you will find on most other fiberglass sumps and entry fittings made by Bravo. The optional B-1000-E sump is white in color and made of a fuel resistant resin to match the price of polyethylene sumps. Unlike other white sumps this one is not made of sub-standard resins or fillers that aren’t compatible with today’s fuels. This variant comes with a 3 year warranty which you can find in the documents area below. Now owners can get a Fiberglass UDC for the price of poly and use our all-fiberglass entry fittings to ensure there is no material breakdown and leaks in the containment system. If you need a similar UDC for any other dispenser model, the B-7000 is split to provide more installation room and has a similar cut-down feature.

Lowest cost fiberglass UDC that is compatible with all fuels
All-fiberglass SingleWall UDC with a 30 year warranty (Red sump)
Available in a model priced to match Polyethylene sumps with a 3 year warranty (White sump)
Save on labor and time
Great low-cost choice
Electrical Offset system standard on both ends
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  • Made in the USA (i)
  • FRP Construction / Built like a Tank (i)
  • One piece UDC requires less labor to install
  • Large flat-walls to fit all your entry fittings
  • No paint or gel-coat means less grinding
  • FF-Series pre-plumb option saves valuable installation time
  • Tailored specifically to Ovation, Encore and Helix dispensers
  • Advantage/Helix Narrow, HS4, Reliance/Select & Atlas as well
  • Electrical Offset (EO) system standard on both ends (i)
  • New conduit knock-outs on long sides of select UDC's
  • Accommodates Wayne-Vac even if 1" conduit is used
  • Height is adjustable in the field
  • Factory water tested (i)
  • Available with a 30 Year or a 3 Year Warranty