B-830-D-AB Commercial

DoubleWall Monitored Commercial Transition Sump

The B-830-D-AB Commercial Transition Sump is meant for those big projects where typical sumps just won’t cut it. Available in three standard sizes that require no lamination and you can customize the size. The 830-D-AB series is a reinforced twin-wall monitored fiberglass sump body with a tall 32″ reducer which requires an access manway at grade. Read more

The walls have a compressive strength of over 1300 PSI and ship under a continuous vacuum test at 20”Hg or greater. A combination pressure/vacuum gauge is factory-installed. Each sump also includes hydrostatic monitoring fluid. It easily accommodates up to 6″ piping and has plenty of room on all four walls for entry fittings. This sump is kitted to include the previous generation Twist-Lock cover, complete slurry kit and all the tools and supplies needed to complete the installation.

DoubleWall Fiberglass (Monitored)
Shipped under a continuous vacuum test of 20+ Hg
Piping Transition Sump
Jumbo size provides extra room for entry fittings, large diameter piping and other equipment
Customize this sump's size
Covers Included
/ Double
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  • Made in the USA (i)
  • FRP Construction / Built like a Tank (i)
  • Clear walls - True DoubleWall AB-2481 compliance (i)
  • Interstice continuously tested from factory to destination (i)
  • Large 4-sided walls for 45° and 90° piping
  • 32”ø or 36”ø diameter reducer
  • Closed monitored bottom
  • Kitted: Includes installation accessories (i)
  • Interstitial fluid included (i)
  • Third Party Approved
  • UL Listed materials
  • 30 Year Warranty (i)


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  • Last updated 04-16-18