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Containment systems do not only vary by price. Here are seven important reasons why our customers nation-wide continue to choose Bravo. Click the bars below to read about each.

1) Bravo costs less.

Not just today, but within a year. In ten years. Longer. When you truly consider the underlying facts – when you add up all of the features – we undeniably offer more value than any competitor. You might be tightening budgets but still seeking to expand. To help you do this Bravo provides fanatically competitive pricing and packages as much of the installation tools and materials as it can as often as possible into single part numbers so there are no hidden costs. With this in mind, you need to consider your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and all the factors that comprise it: such as material choice, included accessories and components, bundled tools and materials, quality of manufacture, innovative design, cost of maintenance or lack thereof, quality of technical support and the level of communication between parties. With Bravo products having the lowest TCO, you will flatten your maintenance budget and realize your ROI faster than ever before.

2) Serving you since 1965.

As Bravo, we have been in the dirt for 25 years. But we have been pioneering our industry since our founder Sergio Bravo first picked up a pipe wrench as a service station technician in 1965. Bravo as a company has over 50 years of in-field experience in its tool belt, and more years of collective experience. How? By listening – to the problems, frustrations, ideas, failures and successes… the experiences – of our customers, installers, associates and YOU. Our practice of listening and acting on our customers’ needs is an enforced company policy. It all began in California and we were there to design and manufacture the worlds first Under Dispenser Containment sump (UDC). Those “Bravo Boxes” (shallow pans) are still in operation and we still support them with technical support and anti-corrosion upgrades. With you in mind, we continue to pioneer products and technologies that make reliable and trustworthy containment products. Rest assured that no one will take care of you like Bravo.

3) Our products work for you.

Not the other way around. There are significant long-term costs associated with less than ideal materials or poorly designed products. At Bravo we don’t cut corners to design a product and then give it a level of replaceability. No. We don’t stock racks of cash-cow replacement parts. We start by addressing all the points of design that make conventional products fail and then design our product the way it should have been made in the first place, lacking all obvious points of failure. When inventing a new product, we use our considerable expertise to put it through a rigorous multi-point simulation-based cause and effect analysis instead. Utilizing new technologies and proprietary manufacturing processes, the result is a sophisticated yet simple product bred for true and unquestionable secondary containment. Solid, Functional, Compatible, Reliable, Permanent. Our products work for you.

4) Engineered to perform, not fail.

Quality is important, but a pretty product does not necessarily perform, either the way it was intended… or at all. Too many times we have heard from our customers, installers or associates that the quality or performance of a competitive product was just disappointing when they encountered it in the field. In contrast, those who have worked with our products can attest to the reliability, ease of use and uncomplicated installation and maintenance. We’re not just desk-jockeys designing products here, we pay special attention to material compatibility, corrosion avoidance, ease of actions like opening/closing, lifting/setting down, latching, locking, fastening, sealing, bonding, tool swing clearance, obstruction and interference planning, and much more. We test to outrageous scenarios (exceeding real-life field conditions), like 1000+ pounds of lateral thrust on an entry fitting, 10+ tons of longitudinal thrust on a fuel pipe, or 5 feet of water over the top of a turbine cover. In our product videos you can see some of these abuse & conditioning tests. We prove our concepts out by installing them in live beta-test sites with help from our local contractors. Our reputation for long-term reliability is evident in the nation-wide demand for Bravo products, because they are engineered to not fail.

5) We answer the phone.

We answer the phone. (between 7-AM and 4-PM PST) and now provide a Live Chat service. When you call Bravo, there is no automated attendant to slow you down. We answer your call within seconds, (Try it) and get you what you need so fast you don’t know what to do with the extra time you saved. Request some information to be emailed to you but don’t be shocked when it arrives minutes later. We don’t waste your time. Instead we help you move projects forward with good communication and ruthless efficiency. This is in line with our mission statement: “Unequaled customer service”. Bravo will either have your answer, or get back to you within the hour. We don’t believe in making you wait days or weeks for information. We are busy, but never too busy to communicate directly with you. No one communicates better.

6) Innovation.

Bravo is revolutionizing the market with products that incorporate innovative engineering and industry feedback. Utilizing advanced material and manufacturing sciences, we are revolutionizing a stale secondary containment market with next-generation designs that are easier to install and in some cases, require zero maintenance. Every day we are solving our customers problems by offering containment systems that save them money, reduce their liability and let them sleep at night. Sleep? That’s right. ZZZzzzz.

7) We rise to the challenge.

With our collective knowledge and considerable expertise in secondary containment systems we have the ability and industrial backbone to rise to a challenge faster than any other manufacturer. In fact, some simply do not provide tailored products. We always have and always will continue to provide custom solutions to our customers at reasonable prices that are tailored to the smallest detail and that never put the customer or environment at risk. We can deliver a prototype or working product in record time with no red tape and no empty promises. Have a problem? You came to the right website. Can’t find anything that looks like what you need? Give us a call, since often we have already built something for your situation, we just don’t put it all here on the website.