Singlewall Tall Collar

“Tall Collar” Mount SingleWall Tank Sump

The “TG” variant of the B-407 REVOLUTION Series Tank Sumps is a “Tall Collar” design meant to be installed directly to the tank by the tank manufacturer. The benefit of the Tall Collar sump is that you can begin piping as soon as the tank is back-filled, saving time and labor. You can then install your piping at a lower point, allowing a decreased tank burial depth of approximately 8” inches. Read more

The 2-piece 407-TG sump features a high-neck round reducer at the top and is Octagonal (8-sided) all the way to the tank. The Tall Collar (bottom half) features a deep tongue-in-groove channel for easy sealing via a simple slurry pour. This sump is kitted to include a complete slurry kit and all the tools and supplies needed to complete the installation. It features a vertical o-ring seal at the top reducer edge which is easily serviceable. This o-ring mates with our new submersible water-tight SNAP-LOCK cover. Paired with any of our bonded all-fiberglass entry fittings, you will never have to worry about water intrusion or the risk of contaminating the local environment.

Less parts, labor and cost
SingleWall Fiberglass
"Tall Collar" mount
Pour in place channel
Less labor and time
SNAP-LOCK cover is included
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  • Made in the USA (i)
  • FRP Construction / Built like a Tank (i)
  • Red clear walls (i)
  • 8-sided walls for 45° and 90° piping
  • 56"ø, 48"ø or 42"ø diameter sump
  • 32”ø or 36”ø diameter reducer
  • Mounts to Tank-manufacturer-installed Bravo Collar
  • Reduces total tank bury by up to 8”
  • Single pour-in-place seal at center with 2” deep channel
  • Octagonal collar interface at bottom
  • Height is adjustable in the field
  • Includes our new SNAP-LOCK cover
  • UL Listed
  • FDEP Approved: EQ# 615
  • Third Party Approved
  • 30 Year Warranty (i)