Doublewall Collar Mount

Collar Mount Split DoubleWall Monitored Tank Sump

The “XT” variant of the B-400 Series of DoubleWall Tank Sumps was originally meant only for Xerxes tanks as it was built to interface to their round collar, but it can be used for any standard 48″ or 42″ tank collar. The round interface at the bottom allows you to turn the sump in any direction to better match your planned piping angles. Read more

This 2-piece sump features a high-neck round reducer at the top and is Octagonal (8-sided) all the way to the tank. Available in 56″, 48″ and 42″ diameters with 36″ or 32″ reducers, it has two joints that require lamination inside and out. It ships under a continuous vacuum test of 20”+ Hg so you can be confident in the sump’s integrity before you start installing it. Natural colored clear walls allow for visual observation of the sump during all stages of installation and testing. Bravo DoubleWall sumps feature an 1/8″ interstice made with a 3D-woven fiberglass fabric which provides a compressive resistance of 1300 PSI. This means less fluid to fill and no “floating” walls. The interstice is filled with monitoring fluid via a Hydro-Vacuum filling procedure but can also be vacuum monitored without any special parts or tools. This sump is kitted to include a combination pressure/vacuum gauge, monitoring tubing, liquid reservoir and interstitial monitoring fluid (propylene glycol). Sump covers are sold separately and one Bravo Vacuum Generator (Part # “VAC-KIT-D-AB”) is mandatory for each job site to complete the liquid fill.

DoubleWall Fiberglass (Monitored)
Collar mount
Less labor and time
Shipped under a continuous vacuum test of 20+ Hg
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  • Made in the USA (i)
  • FRP Construction / Built like a Tank (i)
  • Clear walls - True DoubleWall AB-2481 compliant performance (i)
  • Interstice continuously tested from factory to destination (i)
  • 8-sided walls for 45° and 90° piping
  • 56"ø, 48"ø or 42"ø diameter sump
  • 32”ø or 36”ø diameter reducer
  • Mounts to a round collar
  • Height is adjustable in the field
  • Kitted: Includes installation accessories (i)
  • Interstitial fluid included (i)
  • Third Party Approved
  • UL Listed
  • 30 Year Warranty (i)