Bravo Warranty


products that are commonly used

Commercial / Industrial

products that are commonly used

Above ground / Marinas

products that are commonly used

All Bravo products including accessories feature our standard 1 Year limited warranty. This warranty covers any factory defects. Additionally, fiberglass components of Bravo products feature an extended corrosion warranty. If it qualifies, this will be listed in the ‘Features’ tab of a products webpage.

Download Standard Warranty

We extend to our customers a 30 Year limited corrosion warranty on the fiberglass component of any Bravo product. You are not required to purchase and install multiple products. Please refer to the letter for the specifics.

Download 30 Year Warranty

Any and all Warranties are void if products are:

  • Not installed by Bravo-Certified contractors. Get Certified Here!
  • Past their warranty term (warranty expired).
  • Conditions within the warranty documentation are not met.
  • Missing factory-specified components.
  • Assembled with foreign components.
  • In a non-functional state or worn out.
  • Repaired without written authorization.
  • Not installed per each product’s installation manuals.
  • Showing obvious evidence of abuse, misuse or damage.
  • For DoubleWall sumps: filled with monitoring fluid other than Bravo-supplied interstitial monitoring fluid.