Water-tight SNAP-LOCK submersible tank sump cover

This next-generation submersible design makes twist-lock covers: Obsolete.
An o-ring seal keeps it water-tight even when under 5 feet of water. Made of lightweight fiberglass, this helps operation to be effortless so anyone can easily open and close it with one hand. It features a step-to-seal design, a rugged grip surface, dual handles, requires no tools to open or close it, has no parts to misplace or break, has no nuts/bolts or other components to corrode and is equipped with cam-lock handles. It wont need to be forced open like twist-lock covers so you won’t be forced to destroy it. Check out the video!

Included with Tank Sump of your choice and requires minimal maintenance
High-pressure water-tight vertical O-ring seal
Sealed against high water tables. Eliminates water intrusion.
No strong-arm needed. Easy for anyone to operate.
No tools required and no parts to lose or break
Ultra-lightweight cover speeds up inspections
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  • Made in the USA (i)
  • FRP Construction / Built like a Tank (i)
  • Durable high-pressure water-right vertical O-ring seal
  • Simple step-to-seal design
  • Rugged all-grip no-slip surface
  • Dual stainless steel handles
  • Easily opened / sealed by any operator
  • Requires no tools to open or close it
  • So easy to open, you don't need an inspection port
  • No parts to misplace or break
  • No nuts / bolts to corrode or seize
  • Anti-water PV valve prevents pressure or vacuum from building
  • UL Listed materials
  • 30 Year Warranty (i)


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  • Last updated 04-16-18