D-BLR-S Retrofit (1-sided)

All-Fiberglass Split Interior Retrofit For DoubleWall Sumps

The F-Series Retrofit D-BLR-S was designed specifically to permanently solve the problem with failing Blue Line fittings underground, without breaking concrete, disconnecting pipe or conduit or causing station downtime. Keyword: Permanently. Read more

Other retrofit solutions exist but none of them are permanent and still use the same materials that failed in the first place, which requires repair after costly repair with no end. We solved this for you. The revised D-BLR-S fittings are now a single split body that can accommodate 0-10° degrees of pipe angle. Additional angle wedges can provide greater angle adjustability up to 40°. A D-INR-S line of split retrofit fittings also exists for all other brand of flexible entry boots. A split insert is bonded to the exterior tertiary wall which offsets the interstice inwards, and allows us to maintain interstitial communication from wall to pipe. D-BLR-S fittings are designed to bond to flat twin-walled fiberglass containment sumps only and models are available for 3/4” and 1” electrical conduit as well as fiberglass pipe from 2” through 4” diameters including Ameron LCX coaxial pipe. All D-BLR-S fittings are kitted with all the required installation tools except epoxy adhesive. These fittings are fully AB-2481 compliant, compatible with all conventional and alternative fuels and retain their full warranty even when submerged in fuels: no fine print. Warning: They can only be installed by a Bravo SWAT-Certified contractor.

Recover money spent on never-ending maintenance
For DoubleWall (Monitored) Fiberglass sumps
Blue Line Retrofit (BLR)
Bonded by epoxy adhesive
Eliminates water intrusion issues
Retrofit entry fitting
No breaking concrete
For fiberglass piping
For steel conduit
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  • Made in the USA (i)
  • FRP Construction / Built like a Tank (i)
  • Fully AB-2481 Compliant
  • Compatible with all fuels (i)
  • For 3/4” and 1” galvanized conduit
  • For 2”, 3” and 4” fiberglass pipe, including LCX coaxial
  • One split-body and loose angle flange for each side
  • Single split-insert for tertiary wall (i)
  • NO failure-prone materials or components
  • Factory-machined surfaces (i)
  • Kitted: Includes installation accessories (i)
  • Requires Bravo-Certified Specialist Installer
  • Third Party Approved


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  • Last updated 02-19-19