TITAN Composite Manway

All-Fiberglass Water-Tight Manway Cover

We have unleashed the TITAN: A water-tight composite manway cover with a simple design and an integrated vertical o-ring seal. The seal cannot be easily damaged by dirt or debris unlike flat gaskets. The all-fiberglass frame with integrated flared skirt cannot raise up out of the concrete and can never corrode or rust. It features a single stainless steel pull-up handle, a unique textured grip surface, meets & exceeds the BS EN-124 C250 and H-25 load standards, has no parts to misplace or break and no components that can corrode and fail. Also available as a drop-in Retrofit. Check out the videos!

Affordable water-tight all-composite cover and flared skirt
BS EN-124 C250 load rated = The strongest cover yet
H-25 load rated = stronger and more reliable
High-pressure water-tight vertical O-ring seal
Seal won't let water through
Suitable for highly corrosive environments since all components are made of fiberglass
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Slide 1
  • Made in the USA
  • Composite Fiberglass Construction, both the cover and skirt
  • BS EN-124 C250 and H-25 load rated
  • Fiberglass skirt will not rust or corrode
  • Durable high-pressure water-right vertical O-ring seal
  • Simple step-to-seal design
  • Unique textured grip surface
  • Stainless steel handle assembly
  • Easily opened / sealed by any operator
  • No parts to misplace or break
  • No nuts / bolts to corrode, rust or seize
  • Handle and o-ring seal easily replaceable


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  • Last updated 04-16-18