State Approved Dispenser Conversion Frame

Since 1991 we have conducted an in-depth analysis of every dispenser upgrade. A Bravo Conversion frame minimizes water intrusion, channels fuel that drips from within the hydraulic cabinet into the UDC below and provides safety and dispenser upgradeability without the need to break concrete, pipe or conduit or replace the UDC. We provide details such as new and existing inlet positions, conduit locations, tool-swing clearance and required components such as nipples, elbows and/or offsets. Don’t break concrete or buy new sumps, use a Bravo Conversion Frame instead.

Save costs easily when upgrading dispensers
Converts any dispenser to another
Safe and compliant
Structural design mitigates damage to UDC and piping below dispenser
No need to break concrete
First State-approved product in California
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Slide 1
  • Made in the USA (?)
  • Bravo Conversion Database has been active since 1991
  • Tailored to the existing and new dispenser models
  • Tailored to the existing UDC below
  • 1/2” all-thread anchoring bolts provided
  • Designed to allow deep-socket access
  • Integrated structural supports
  • Integrated water-splash lip
  • Provides existing & new inlet locations + suggests hardware
  • Third Party Approved
  • CA SWRCB Approved UDSCCS