B-3XX Monolithic DoubleWall

Monolithic Continuously Monitored DoubleWall FRP Spill Bucket

The B-3XX line of DoubleWall spill buckets are unique in that it is the only one that contains fuel indefinitely, without any material degradation or failure. It is a monolithic thread-on design that requires no testing or assembly and is manufactured of Tank-spec materials. None of the primary containment components can deteriorate or fail when submerged in fuels. It contains none of the common failure points such as bellows, plastic, rubber, gaskets, clamps, nuts & bolts, mechanical seals or sealant. It comes in two sizes: 7-1/2 gallon, and 5 gallon. The 7-1/2 gallon model is for new installation. The two 5 gallon models can be used for new installation as well, but are also specifically sized to retrofit either OPW or EMCO spill buckets. As with all our fiberglass products, the B-3XX Series spill buckets are compatible with all conventional and alternative fuels and (since these buckets are regularly exposed to fuel) retain their full warranty even when submerged indefinitely in those fuels: no fine print.

DoubleWall Construction
Continuously tested from factory
For new construction or retrofit
No assembly required
Thread-on design
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  • Made in the USA (?)
  • FRP Construction / Built like a Tank  (?)
  • DoubleWall construction is continuously monitored
  • Compatible with all fuels (?)
  • Available in 5 or 7-1/2 gallon capacities
  • 5 gallon models easily retrofit OPW or EMCO buckets
  • NO failure-prone materials or components
  • NO testing or assembly required
  • Self-adjusting manway moves with the tank pad
  • Integrated zinc-steel adapter for thread-on installation
  • Drop tube flange for installation within the coupler
  • Easy high-flow pull drain
  • Brass sight-glass for easy visual observation
  • Anti-backfill skirt, shield and anti-rotation bracket
  • 30 Year Warranty (i)

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