FF-Series “Flanged”

All-Fiberglass “Flange” Fittings For SingleWall Sumps

The FF-Series line of “Flange Fittings” are a low-cost next-generation all-fiberglass design which was made to be a responsible alternative to flexible entry boots for new installation. The FF-Series is a simple bonded fitting that has 0-10° degree angle adjustability and contains none of the common points of failure such as nuts, bolts, gaskets, clamps, boots, mechanical seals or sealants. Read more

These fittings are ideal for series (pass-through) piping. For skewed-island designs an FFA-Series exists which is similar but can accommodate either 15° or 30° piping angles. The primary goal is to reduce the cost of maintenance for your fuel system to near-zero. A bonded piping system throughout ensures that the environment is kept safe from any contamination. Having a reliable penetration fitting for piping also means no water intrusion. The FF-Series fittings are designed to bond to flat and curved wall fiberglass containment sumps only and can accommodate 3/4” and 1” electrical conduit as well as fiberglass pipe from 2” through 4” diameters, including Ameron LCX coaxial pipe. All fittings feature a pair of set screws for easy installation. FF-Series fittings are compatible with all conventional and alternative fuels and retain their full warranty even when submerged in fuels: no fine print.

Less parts, labor and cost
For SingleWall fiberglass sumps
Bonded by epoxy adhesive
Eliminates water intrusion issues
For flat and curved walls
Ideal for series piping
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  • Made in the USA (i)
  • FRP Construction / Built like a Tank (i)
  • Compatible with all fuels (i)
  • For 3/4” and 1” galvanized conduit
  • For 2”, 3” and 4” fiberglass pipe, including LCX coaxial
  • Single loose flange for exterior and interior
  • Ultra-low profile
  • NO failure-prone materials or components
  • Integrated set screws for easy installation
  • Factory-machined surfaces (i)
  • Kitted: Includes installation accessories (i)
  • Third Party Approved
  • 30 Year Warranty (i)