B-TBF Tank Bung Fitting

All-Fiberglass Tank Bung Fitting for SingleWall Sumps

The B-TBF Series Tank Bung Fitting is a next-generation design consisting of an all-fiberglass body with an integrated marine-epoxy and zinc-coated steel coupler. They are designed to bond to fiberglass containment sumps only, can accommodate 4” and 6” risers and have female NPT threads atop with male NPT threads below. The B-TBF also contains none of the common points of failure such as nuts, bolts, gaskets, clamps, boots, mechanical seals or sealants. Read more

This fitting is threaded directly into the tank bung and bonded to a fiberglass retrofit tank sump with fiberglass epoxy. A sibling of the F-Series fittings, this Tank Bung Fitting helps to reduce the cost of maintenance for your fuel system to near-zero. A bonded entry fitting at the lowest point of your tank sump ensures that the environment is kept safe from any contamination and that there will be no water intrusion even at the lowest point. Imagine dry sumps after rain, snow or flooded water tables. Realize it with an all-bonded piping system that only Bravo can provide. The B-TBF fittings are compatible with all conventional and alternative fuels and retain their full warranty even when submerged in them: no fine print. This fitting is recommended to be paired with the B-407-RB series retrofit tank sumps or the B-830 Commercial series transition sumps.

For SingleWall Fiberglass sumps
Bonded by epoxy adhesive
Eliminates water intrusion issues
Retrofit sump
FRP Tank Bung Fitting
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  • Made in the USA (i)
  • FRP Construction / Built like a Tank (i)
  • Compatible with all fuels (i)
  • For 4” and 6” steel risers
  • Uni-body design with integrated lower flange
  • Single loose flange for topside
  • NO failure-prone materials or components
  • Factory-machined surfaces (i)
  • Third Party Approved
  • 30 Year Warranty (i)