What do I do if my DoubleWall Sump gauge reads below 12″ Hg (vacuum) or zero?


When your Bravo products arrive via freight, inspect all components for visible damage. If there is any, record the damage on the bill of lading in detail and call Bravo Systems with your damage report details.
If the gauge appears to be damaged, call Bravo Systems to obtain replacements free of charge.
You need to verify if the leak is happening at the gauge assembly or the sump. Common procedure is as follows:
1. Pressurize the interstice to no more than 4 PSI max.
2. Submerge the entire Vacuum gauge assembly under water, such as a bucket or pail. Look for signs of air leaking.
3. Pressure / soap test each length of tubing and each test port at the sump wall.
4. If these tests are inconclusive, leave the suspect sumps overnight under 20″ Hg vacuum and observe gauges in the morning.
5. If your sumps held vacuum, proceed with the installation per the products respective Installation Manual. View them HERE.
6. If your sumps did not hold vacuum, call Bravo systems with the results of your testing so we can better help you.
If you are shipped replacement gauges: After you install them per the provided instructions, follow the overnight vacuum test outlined in # 4 above to conduct a factory test of a re-sealed interstice.