Should I seal the bottom edge of the dispenser or conversion frame with a sealant?

NO. Bravo’s stance on this is that because dispensers are not made air/water tight there needs to be open air where the concrete meets the paneling for the purpose of water drainage. There are several ways that water can enter the dispenser and it should not be allowed to accumulate within. If aesthetics is a concern or if you are asked to bead a seal by an owner/operator to help keep water out during spray-downs then our recommendation is to leave approximately 1″ of open edge centered on both ends of the narrow sides of the dispenser only. This should provide adequate drainage should enough water accumulate to need an exit. Absolutely zero edge-sealing should be done on Bravo CONV-B2000 conversion frames.

If you feel that sealing the conversion frame edges would be more beneficial than harmful, we encourage you to share your unique application with us so that we can advise and provide more focused feedback.