Does Bravo allow its products to be installed on other manufacturers sumps?

Yes. Our adhesives, lamination kits, epoxy kits, all F-Series family fittings for new construction or retrofits, retrofit tank sump covers and tank collars are all permitted to be installed to other manufacturers products. In most cases, all that matters is that our products are being installed to other fiberglass products. Consult all product literature and seek to verify product compatibility with your application.

NOTE: Bravo sumps and entry fittings come with a 30-Year warranty and other manufacturers sumps do not. While there is no immediate benefit from building an entire fuel site using Bravo products (we do not require it for warranty activation, extensions or product discounts), it would be wise to consider the long-term costs involved with using another product. With no paint or gel-coats, it is clear what you are buying when you choose Bravo. In other cases you may be paying more for less. Remember, not all Fiberglass is created equal.

Feel free to call or chat with us anytime and we will advise and assist.