Do I have to be certified to repair or test Bravo Float-Trip Mechanisms?

A: No. It is not required as long as the installer, maintenance and / or repair technician follows the directions contained in our latest Installation Manuals. The most current Installation Manual from our website must be printed and used. See Installation Manuals here. Make sure that you have your paperwork in order and records are kept. Have the owner or other authority sign and date the Installation Manual that you download from our website. The most important things to know are these:
1) There can be no debris within the float cup so as to impede the travel or function of the float. Debris and dirt should also be removed from the entire containment sump so that none re-enters the float cup(s).
2) After connecting the ball chain to the shear valve retainer, testing the poppet shutoff must only be done by adding liquid (typically water) to the cup until it trips (remove all liquids after this test). You must never test this mechanism by physically pulling the float stem, arm or chain because you bypass the intended function of the float.
3) If the float does not rise or trip the shear valve when water is added to the float cup, ensure that the travel is unimpeded by debris or dirt. If the float has been broken in any way and allows fuel and or water to enter it, then it will not trip the shear valve poppet. To determine whether the float cup has been breached, trip shear valve poppet so you can physically pull the float up into the highest position. You should then have adequate room to shake the float and see if it feels/sounds like there is any liquid inside it. If it has any liquid in it, the float may be breached and a Bravo “FA-KIT” should be ordered which will require the overall float arm length. Please contact Bravo with any questions at (800)-AT-BRAVO.
The purpose of the Bravo Float Trip Mechanism is to minimize the amount of fuel needed to trip the shear valve and to maximize the amount of time a maintenance crew will have to get to the sump in question to repair it.

However, Bravo Systems recommends that the National Certification Test (primarily for SingleWall products) be completed by technicians in the field because it covers the installation and repair of our SingleWall product lines that feature Float Trip Mechanisms, but also requires the individual read through the Instruction Manuals, helping to educate and familiarize them with the products.