Can the Bravo F-Series Fitting be used with a Brine-filled DoubleWall Sump?

A: Yes and no.

Yes. The F-Series fitting for fiberglass pipe is compatible with Brine or salt water (water and sodium chloride) since the fitting does not consist of any metal components. However, sodium chloride is not allowed in Bravo Systems DoubleWall Sumps, and will void the warranty of that containment sump.

No. It is not permitted to use an F-Series fitting for galvanized conduit on another manufacturer’s sump which is filled with Brine / saltwater. The condition, as listed in our product literature is that you must use RobRoy brand PVC coated conduit in conjunction with our conduit entry fittings. Note that no other brand of PVC coated conduit is permitted, such as Ocal Blue.

NOTE: Nomenclature varies throughout the Nation so someone may refer to the liquid in a DoubleWall sump or Tank as “Brine” because that is what it has been called for decades. Bravo Systems permits only Propylene Glycol (a non-toxic, food-grade antifreeze) since it will not corrode metallic components. So two common reasons are: No corrosion of bolts if flexible entry boots are installed to a sump, and no additional corrosion of metallic components if brine leaks or is spilled into the sump interior. If someone tells you the DoubleWall sump is “brine filled”, just be sure to check which type of fluid they are referring to.