Can I modify or repair a Bravo Conversion Frame?

A: No. Under no circumstances can you modify, repair or add to a Bravo Systems Dispenser Conversion Frame (CONV-B2000) unless authorized in writing by the factory.

When a situation exists where there may be piping or conduit interference with a conversion frame, you must contact Bravo immediately to begin factory evaluation. You must provide images of the issue areas to Bravo so that engineering staff can review your specific application and provide guidance, installation directions, materials and written authorization. This authorization from the manufacturer (Bravo) is required in California, per CA SWRCB approval of the CONV-B2000 conversion frame as a UDSCCS (Under Dispenser Spill Containment or Control System).

If this process is conducted on a site without proof of written authorization from Bravo in the state of California, that installation is non-compliant and should be addressed and/or replaced per all local codes, regulations or applicable laws.

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