Can a DoubleWall sump be used as a SingleWall sump?

Yes. Bravo permits this in any State if the following conditions are met:

> The sump must be installed by a DoubleWall Certified Bravo Installer.
> The sump wall may not be modified in any way or opened to the air.
> Only F-Series-D “full body” entry fittings for DoubleWall sumps may be used.

The integrity of the sump interstice must remain uncompromised so that it is ready for monitoring at any future time.

Testing and Maintenance Guidelines:

DoubleWall sumps intended to be used as SingleWall sumps must be installed and tested per each product’s respective installation manual, with the exception of liquid filling and the Advanced Leak Detection Procedure (ALDP) that follows it. (Sump interstice must remain dry until monitoring is required)

They may be water tested per local regulations. Note the frequency of water testing sumps varies per State or county. E.g. California’s SB-989 guidelines require water testing of a SingleWall sump every 3 years. Click Here to download the official Bravo testing guidelines for SingleWall sumps.

When not intended for VPH monitoring, options to test via pressure and vacuum are also permitted.

It is also recommended but not required that a pressure test be conducted periodically to ensure 100% integrity of the sump interstice.

The same goes for vacuum testing though this should only be done before the sump has been backfilled and only if it is completely dry on the exterior, free of any water, mud, etc…

Guidelines for converting Bravo brand Non VPH DoubleWall sump to VPH compliant:

In this case the DoubleWall sump should be pressure and/or vacuum tested per the recommended guidelines found in product installation manuals.
If it is to be Vacuum monitored, factory-approved vacuum components should be installed to facilitate this.
If it is to be Hydrostatically monitored, only Bravo interstitial fluid may be used to fill the sump, the Hydro-Vac filling procedure and subsequent ALDP test must be conducted per each respective products’ installation manual.