Are EBS or B-27 fittings allowed on Fiberglass sump walls?

A: NO. The EBS and B-27 fittings are bulkhead-style fittings made only for steel walled product lines and can not be installed to fiberglass sump walls.
The EBS conduit bulkhead fitting applies primarily to the B-8600 above ground UDC and the B500/600 series transition sumps.
The B-27 legacy fitting was designed only for the B-2000 shallow pan (Bravo Box) but was sometimes used on the B-8600 for specific applications.
Only flexible rubber entries or Bravo all-fiberglass entries can be used on our Fiberglass sump walls, whether SingleWall or DoubleWall. Bravo highly recommends that flexible entries are not used in below-ground piping systems. To enforce this recommendation, Bravo has developed all-fiberglass entry fittings for conduit and product piping. See the FAQ below for F-Series conduit fittings or visit the F-Series page to view all fittings.