Are Bravo Products Compatible with E85 or Alternative fuels?

A: At Bravo Systems, we meticulously engineer our products to be built right the first time. To do this for our UDC Sumps, Transition Sumps, Tank Sumps, Spill Buckets and extensive line of Fiberglass Penetration Fittings we looked to the highest standard, Tanks. Since the Tank is the primary fuel vessel meant for long-term storage, we studied it’s specifications ( UL Spec 1316 ) and built our Fiberglass products to match them. Unlike other similar products out there, our choice of materials and quality of design stands up to the test of years of use. In this way we have designed our products to last the life of your station, as the Tank is meant to. Simply put, anything a fiberglass tank can store… our fiberglass products can store as well, for the same duration, under the same conditions. Bravo Systems’ Single and Double Wall Secondary Containment systems truly are Built like a Tank.
UST Component Compatibility Library – Hosted by the PEI
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Alternative Fuel Statement of Compatibility Library – Hosted by the CA SWRCB
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We certify that our products are compatible with and approved for use in secondarily containing DEF.
We certify that our Single and Double Wall Fiberglass Secondary Containment systems have tank-like long term compatibility with fuel blends up to E100 and B100. We provide two separate letters below.
For our official letter covering containment sumps: Click Here.
For our official letter covering our fiberglass entry fittings: Click Here.
S. Bravo Systems Fiberglass Products are UL Listed to be compatible with all alcohol blends. UL Certifications / proof of listing can be found on each applicable product’s webpage in the documents area.