Conversion Frame

Conversion Frames


  • Wayne Ovation
  • Custom


  • Epoxy coated galvannealed steel with plastic drip tray


  • Frames ensure proper containment of hydraulic cabinet
  • Adapt dispensers to any UDC
  • ½” anchor bolts and frame caps included
  • Universal design available for both Encore and Ovation installations
  • Standard material is galvannealed and epoxy coated heavy gauge steel

About the Conversion Frames

Conversion frames are used to adapt new dispensers to existing under dispenser containment sumps and provide proper containment of the hydraulic cabinet, regardless of the opening of the containment in the ground. The universal design requires no surveying of the site ahead of time. The only information needed is the model of the new dispenser being installed and the universal frame is modified in the field to accommodate the existing UDC. Custom fabricated all steel frames are available for uncommon applications.

Universal Conversion Frames for Retail Dispensers

New Dispenser Model Part # Description
Wayne Ovation CU-250 Universal conversion frame for new Ovation dispenser, any existing dispenser L 48″, W 22″, H 2

Replacement Part for Universal Conversion Frame

New Dispenser Model Part # Description
Universal Drip Tray Encore DT-CU-380 Drip tray Encore dispenser Universal conv frame
Universal Drip Tray Ovation DT-CU-250 Drip tray Ovation dispenser Universal conv frame

Customer Conversion Frames for All Other Applications

New Dispenser Model Part # Description
All dispensers CONV-B2000-OPP Custom fabricated conversion frame to adapt to any dispenser to any UDC; Encore and Ovation see Universal conversion frame