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Hello and thank you for visiting.


First, I’d like to thank you for choosing Bravo. We appreciate that you have given us an opportunity to earn your business. As we begin our 30th year, this is indeed, a special time in Bravo’s history. We have spent the past three decades continuing to build the Bravo brand, which has now become synonymous with stellar customer service, innovation and, as always, leading the industry in the manufacturing of premier secondary containment systems.
Year of growth…
This past year has been a time of growth in our company as we’ve strategically expanded our workforce and infrastructure. To that end, I am very pleased to introduce our new Chief Operating Officer, Ed Panconi. Ed joined us in March 2016, and comes to us with extensive operational experience from Arroyo Diagnostics, CleanSource, Inc., Color Copy Printing and Office Depot. Skilled in engaging teams to drive operational excellence, Ed will be tasked with ensuring that Bravo has the right infrastructure, procedures and expertise in place to meet the varying needs of our customers as we grow.
Additionally, I’m proud to announce that Keith Pearson is Bravo’s newly created Field Sales Technical Manager and is assuming this role in additional to his Business Operations Manager duties. This combined role will be instrumental to the success of our new growth, as Keith’s ability to lead multiple day-to-day functions in a fluid work environment will help unlock the potential of our growth strategy.
As we continue to build a best in class team here at Bravo, I am excited about the caliber of talent we have to support operational excellence while exceeding customer expectations, both of which make Bravo the easiest partner with whom to do business.
New EPA Guidelines? Problem Solved!
We have the solutions to the problems that may arise from the new EPA regulations. The revisions strengthen the 1988 federal underground storage tank (UST) regulations by increasing emphasis on properly operating and maintaining UST equipment. The revisions will help prevent and detect UST releases, which are a leading source of groundwater contamination. The revisions will also help ensure all USTs in the United States meet the same minimum standards. This is the first major revision to the federal UST regulations since 1988. With a commitment to putting the needs of our clients first, Bravo is here to help you understand these new regulations and to offer the highest quality products and best solutions.
The Journey Ahead…
2017 promises to be a productive and eventful year as we focus on accelerating the execution of our growth strategy while continuing to build on the strength of our brand. We are expanding our infrastructure and improving our logistics to better serve every region of the country.
I am incredibly excited about this journey and truly believe the best of Bravo is yet to come. Thank you again for your business!

Paola Bravo
President – S. Bravo Systems, Inc.