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Welcome to Bravo

We are a certified woman-owned domestic corporation and a Made in the USA accredited manufacturer of secondary containment systems for fuel handling in the petroleum industry. Our 57,000 sq ft factory (total) and Corporate office is located in the City of Commerce in California. Our new Fulfillment center is located in the City of Montebello, CA.

Bravo has been a leading manufacturer of premier secondary containment systems since 1987 (27+ years). Our Founder invented and patented the first under-dispenser secondary containment sump: The “Bravo Box”. We have continued to grow and now specialize in SingleWall and DoubleWall sumps that support both single and double-walled piping including VPH monitored piping systems. We provide containment products by way of innovative engineering and application of the latest in material science and manufacturing technology that are unmatched in simplistic design and ease of installation. This means we protect the environment from any contamination of the soil or ground water. It means that through foresight in design, our products solve the problems you are experiencing and work for you by lowering your costs and avoiding unnecessary and costly problems.

Who We Really Are:

We are a small group of professionals that have been protecting your interests and our environment since 1987. We love what we do: which is to help solve your problems and challenges that threaten your bottom line by providing reliable, long-term solutions. It is immensely satisfying to see on a daily basis, how our products and efforts generate sighs of relief, bright smiles or open thanks. We promote person to person interaction, call you by name and show that we value our relationship with you by honoring you with absolute honesty, tact and respectfulness. Even though we are only human, if something needs fixing, we address it immediately instead of simply saying “thank you, I’ll see what I can do about it.” We strive to be an example of ethical business practice. You will never find yourself disappointed, avoided, diverted, splattered with excuses, or the victim of broken promises or new-age corporate apologies. We will always be here for you so engage us, work with us, and let us help you make your business more successful. This is our Why. This is what drives us.

What We Manufacture:
Our company produces SingleWall and DoubleWall containment sumps in both steel and fiberglass including, dispenser sumps, tank /turbine sumps, transition sumps and above ground /marina sumps. We focus on all market sectors including retail sites, Industrial / commercial sites and above ground or marina sites. Other products include our Dispenser Conversion Frame, F-Series FRP entry fittings, retrofit FRP tank sump covers and entry fittings, DoubleWall FRP spill buckets, swivel adapters and more.All Bravo fiberglass components are made from tank-spec materials. Our sumps and entry fittings are 100% compatible -not resistant- with all fuels up to E100 and B100, including DEF and are rated and warranted for full indefinite submersion.
Our Mission Statement:

    1. Lead the industry in the development of equipment to protect our environment from future contamination of the soil, water and air.
    2. Provide our customers with superior products and services by decreasing their liability and increasing their profitability through safety, and minimum maintenance while protecting the environment.

Our Pledge to You:

  • Leaks are not an option
  • Highest quality parts and materials
  • Containment sumps are designed to perform up to 30 years
  • Forward / backward compatibility of our products
  • Friendly, helpful customer service unequaled in our industry

Goals You Achieve by Choosing Bravo:

  • You lower your initial costs in product hardware and installation
  • You drastically lower your maintenance costs
  • You are never left unsupported in a sticky situation
  • Your Total Cost of Ownership hits record lows
  • You protect the environment
  • You comply with all federal, state and local regulations
  • You are future-ready to comply with new regulations
  • You achieve short-term ROI vs: long term
  • You consistently increase your bottom line

Some Facts about Bravo:

  • All our products are Made in the USA
  • We are a certified woman-owned company (Certificate)
  • We have donated annually to several charities since our inception in 1987. Charities Page
  • Our labor includes war veterans from U.S. VETS
  • Our labor also includes at-risk or disadvantaged youths from Homeboy Industries
  • We only source raw materials locally or domestically
  • If we can’t source it here at home, we manufacture it ourselves
  • We don’t believe you should battle an automated receptionist
  • We walk the talk when we claim we have “Unequaled customer service”
  • Often you can be emailed documents you need same day if not within 10 min
  • We don’t believe in wasting your time
  • If you need a product modified, let’s talk
  • When you ask us to jump, we were already in the air

Our Affiliations:

  • Member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI)
  • Member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) – Our Certification
  • Listed with the U.S. and Canadian Underwriters Laboratories (UL / CUL)
  • We participated in the “Make it in America” campaign sponsored by
  • We are a Made in the USA accredited business

Our Founding:
During the 1960′s Sergio M. Bravo, a native of Chile, worked for service station maintenance companies servicing and installing gasoline service station equipment. In 1969, with diligence and well-defined goals, he started his own service station maintenance company, York Serv, Inc. During his many years as a maintenance mechanic, general contractor and company owner he witnessed many hazardous and potentially life-threatening situations at service stations. All too often he or one of his workers was drenched with fuel when a dispenser that was supposed to be shut off spued out fuel during servicing. Not only was this harmful to the worker, but it was a severe danger that could have easily resulted in a fire. A station fire could cause loss of life, harm the environment and ruin the station’s business. His experiences in equipment maintenance instilled in him the necessity of inventing products that increased safety for workers and the public, and were simple to install. After much field work and long meetings with major oil engineers, contractors, service station operators and fire and regulatory personnel, he developed the “Bravo Box,” the world’s first secondary containment/shutdown system for gasoline dispensers. That is how in 1987, that single invention launched an entirely new industry of secondary containment for the petroleum trade throughout the US and the world. It was the beginning of a new era…